What to avoid when delivering pick up lines?

Lame pickup lines are not even accepted in the first place. Before dropping pickup lines, here are few things you should know that’ll help you next time.

How to deliver the pick up lines?

– Manner of approach: manner of approach is an important part, if you feel nervous, take a couple of deep breathes before approaching a lady, approach casually and smile. Be confident but not overly confident. 

– Interruption: once you approach the lady and she’s in a conversation with a friend, don’t rudely interrupt. Wait till the conversation has reached the point of a full stop then say something like “excuse me” to get their attention. 

– Know when to leave: notice her body language. Know when to sit and start a conversation or turn away apologetically. Once they smile back at you, they may be interested. But when they answer to rudely or give you a stink eye then you should leave. 

– Humor: once you’ve been invited to take a seat, go for a humorous pickup line. Making the other person laugh is a good way to ease the tension and create a bond. Though don’t be too jokey, you might be taken serious. 

– Simplicity: talk about simple things, give honest and direct answers to any question thrown at you. Learn not to brag or boast about anything you have. 

– Attention: talking and listening are two different things. Know when to listen and pay attention to the other person. When a woman knows that a man can pay attention and not interrupt, they become more interested in the man. 

– Avoid sexual pickup lines: lines that are too suggestive might make you come out as desperate. Women are turned off by lines that are too forward. Even if you have it in mind, keep it to yourself. 

Don’t forget the smile!

Don’t forget to smile a lot, the more attractive and nicer you seem, the more open she’ll be with you. Offer to buy her a drink or ask her to dinner with you. 

Compliment her. Not something like “you’re most beautiful woman I’ve seen”. It seems cheesy and it seem like a lie because apparently you’re not seen all the women in the world. Let it be a sincere compliment. 

Do not come off as desperate. There are a lot of topics to talk about, from TV shows to books and politics. Light conversations. 

Once she starts to get uncomfortable with a particular topic, change the route of the conversation to ease her. 

When you observe all these, lame pickup lines won’t be a thing to worry about.