Wine Pick Up Lines 

In a winery, vineyard or any wine events you can drink all the wine but you can never forget the face of that cute girl in front of you. The best you can do is to strike up a conversation with her using wine pick up lines. This might be the trick to winning her heart and tasting her tannins of love. Wine pick up lines are great to be used to flirt with that cutie on special dates with some special wines. Next time you are to an anniversary take advantage of the great place and introduce yourself using these wine themed pick up lines. 

  • If you were wine I would bottle you and drink you up. 
  • You are so hot, you just made my wine mull with a glance. 
  • Your eyes are as sparkling as a glass of wine. 
  • I am told wine makes you sexy. How about we have a drink?
  • You have intoxicated me like fortified wine. 
  • Would you mind if I become your wine tasting partner?
  • You are like a bottle of wine to me because I want to spend the rest of my life sipping you. 
  • Can we plant a vineyard with me?
  • Will you come over to my place and help me bottle wine. I am celebrating my birthday next weekend and I want you to do the corking. 
  • Whenever I am asked to name finer things in life, I mention you and fine wine. 
  • This wine tastes so good but I know pairing with you would take it to a whole new level. 
  • How about we open a winery together? Because we both have a great taste in wine. 
  • Like a bottle of wine, I want to sip you all day. 
  • I wish I were that wine you are drinking because I would already be in you. 

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