Zelda Pick up lines

There are a lot of guys playing Zelda – Here you can find Zelda pick up lines for you to use. These will most surely bring a smile to your face and more importantly for a cute girl – who might also have played The Legend of Zelda.

Overview of Zelda Pick up lines 

  • Come closer let me show you my deku nuts.
  • Do you have a skyward sword in your trousers, or you’re really excited to see me?
  • I could make you wet without using the song of storms.
  • Press A to get in my pants.
  • Hey love, you make my body look like the water temple because anytime I see you I get wet.
  • Being with you makes me feel like I’m in the “temple of time” and 7 years have passed.
  • Can I ‘tri” and ‘force” you to go on a date with me.
  • Let my death mountain and you gerudo valley get together and have some fun.
  • I like-like you, do you get?
  • I would like to my deku nuts in you.
  • Would you like a taste of my Gilded sword?
  • I need my fire tunic because baby you’re too hot.
  • Seeing you makes me harder than the water temple.
  • You’re so hot you could light din’s fire.
  • Are you a fairy because I want to put you in my bottle.
  • Three pieces of my heart, come complete me?
  • You must be putting on Pegasus boots because you’re running through my mind.
  • I can make you wetter than the zora temple.
  • I want to buy you a potion.

More The legend of Zelda Pick up lines

  • I want you to be my twilight princess.
  • you can bang on my drums without a goron mask.
  • I’m going to call you midna, because you’re going to be doing a lot of riding later.
  • My boner is harder than grooses pompadour.
  • Come let me clean your arrows.
  • I’ve been z-targetting you all day.
  • I can do like a deku nut and explode, in your mouth.
  • You’re so majestic, did you fall from the sacred realm?
  • My name is epona and I’ll ride you all day and night.
  • You could melt zora’s domain.
  • You’re so hot you could increase the temperature in the water temple.
  • I could sing the song of time so we’ll grow old together.
  • You must be a deku nut, because you’re stunning.
  • Are you a female gerudo, because a woman like you appears once in a 100 years.
  • You must be a mystery seed because you look like an enigma.
  • You’re like a twilight , you turn me into an animal.